iWise – Collecting the Wisdom of the World, One Tidbit @ a Time


I’m not entirely sure how I found iWise (though I believe I ended up on it due to a Facebook friend link), but I’m glad I did.

Quotes from some of the greatest thinkers of all time abound in this creative layout and presentation of human knowledge.

You can search by topic or person, map it to other  related ideas, post directly to your Facebook or Twitter accounts (you can even schedule regular tweets).

It’s fun, inspiring, educational – and (if you’re not careful) – a major time consumer if you are into this type of information.

It is an excellent source to hit, when you are looking for just the right quote to accompanying that big presentation you’ve got coming up in a couple of days; providing you with some creative solutions – and generating new ideas as well (which is where the time factor comes into play… gotta watch that!).

Best thing to do, is visit iWise for yourself – take a tour, sign in, play around when you have a little free time. An excellent and well-designed resource for students, professionals and lay people.

“The secret to creativity is knowing how to hide your sources.” By Albert_Einstein

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